Its My Money & I Want It NOW!

Ready, Set, Spend!  —- Or NOT !  If you are in tuned to the economy and the latest changes in our country you might want to think it forward about where  and how you spend your dollars. Inflation of goods, increase in unemployment rate nationwide, and gas prices sky rocketing should make you think more consciously about your money.  Here are 3 few ideas to get you started on a path to financial security and happiness in a volatile economy….

1. Invest in Yourself

You know that talent that you have, that you have always wanted to make a business out of or hobby? Great time to do so & take advantage of next years business tax cuts. 

2. Retirement – 401K

Don’t already have  a retirement savings or find it hard to save through out the year? Tax refunds are a great start to securing your future. A little bit every year goes a long way.

3. Investments – Domestic & Globally

Stocks, Livestock, Bonds, Raw Goods, Raw land you name it!  Imagine receiving 5k in refund and investing that same 5k into raw land (low maintenance, low risk) that could have the potential of more than tripling its worth in the next 10 yrs. Who wouldn’t want 15k+ in 10yr. Thats 10k more that you started off with, right? And from there keep investing.

Happy Savings !

For more income tax investment ideas click here



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