Interview Tips & Tidbits

So you have a great interview coming up & you are dying for the opportunity! RELAX. DON’T DIE.

Gaining the interview is just one part of the game. How you present your brand (yourself) during the interview separates the winners from losers. Think of yourself as a product or good, available to be bought for the right price. As a product and the controller of the accessibility to it, you have the control of the outcome. Ultimately you have to sell yourself! Bring your best attributes, a friendly smile, and professionalism with you. Follow these top 3 tips for a successful interview!

Tip #1: Research, Research, Research  

Know the company and the position you are interviewing for. Know their mission statement, vision, morals and past history.

Tip #2: Be Direct 

Answer questions straightforward keeping it short & sweet unless you are asked for more information.

Tip #3: Sit up Straight, Don’t Slouch

Remember those words as a kid? Well they are back and more important than ever. Your body language is the first noticed and the last remembered. Practice effective public communication techniques to help you prepare. 



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