First Things, First

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Marketing 1.0 | SEO Maximization

“Search Engine Optimization” Ring a bell? Never heard of it? Like many other entrepreneurs this little known method can prove to be your greatest ally for increased sales and website traffic. Its been proven, more traffic equals more sales. Ways to increase the traffic to your website and keep your customers engaged are as follows:…

Its My Money & I Want It NOW!

Ready, Set, Spend!  —- Or NOT !  If you are in tuned to the economy and the latest changes in our country you might want to think it forward about where  and how you spend your dollars. Inflation of goods, increase in unemployment rate nationwide, and gas prices sky rocketing should make you think more…


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Road Blocks to Success!

S.W.O.T Analysis If growth is stagnant in your business and you are struggling to maintain a competitive edge. Looking to hire a professional that can help you identify internal strengths, weaknesses and those external barriers prohibiting growth could really turn things around when properly identified and worked through. Ideally the objective in sustaining business is…